Meet Brian - he's the heart and soul of Strodes!  If you've been to visit our shop in person you've probably gotten a hug or a handshake from this kind gentleman at some point.  As owner, Brian manages the big-picture operations of Strodes and he's the public face of the brand. He's well known for being a business leader and proud supporter of our community. Brian is always happy to share his love of barbecue with others through tips and recommendations for the perfect meal.


Hey, it's Craig! He's the Head of Catering at Strodes! He's the guy making sure your catered event has the best food and service around. For Craig, BBQ is one of the common interests he shares with his late father, so you could say that grilling is a family tradition. Since he was a teen he has been a part of several competitive cooking teams - one of which earned the right to compete in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Craig has hosted and competed in grilling events most of his life - and you can have his skilled hands prepare some of the finest grill-ables for your own occasion.


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